Water Hazard
Water Hazard02
General Information
Fusion nama
Species Orishan
Home World wattershot

hazardo IV

Body Humanoid Mollusk
Other Data
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Hydrokinesis
Moisture Absorption
Bubble Shield
Underwater Breathing
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker
Series Appeared Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
First Appearance Too Hot To Handle


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</noinclude>Water Hazard is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of an Orishan.


Water Hazard has red armor which protects his body from most types of damage, including moderate amounts of radiation. Ultimate Aggregor once mentioned that this exoskeleton makes Water Hazard completely invulnerable, it is confirmed this is not true.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He possesses enhanced strength and can shoot pressurized water from the port holes in his hands. He can absorb moisture from the air with the holes in his hands. Water Hazard can create a force field-like bubble shield to protect himself, even from lasers.

According to Dwayne, Water Hazard is able to control and manipulate water at will and is able to mold it into various weapons.


Even though Water Hazard's armored exoskeleton allow him to feel no physical pain, he seems to be more vulnerable to most energy attacks.


  • In Hero Time, he said he is shooting cold water, this might mean he can control the temperature of the water he shoots.
  • According to Dwayne, Water Hazard is able to control and manipulate any water at will and even mould it into a wide variety of shapes.
  • Water Hazard is the first Andromeda alien form Ben used.
  • When Water Hazard first appeared, his voice sounded exactly like Bivalvan. However, in his second appearance, his voice is deeper.
  • Despite being first used in Too Hot To Handle, Ben did not shout out his name until Hero Time.


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