General Information
Fusion nama
Species Walkatrout/ickthyperambuloid
Race none
Home World gilli-perambulous


Body Fish
Other Data
DNA Origin none
Alternate Counterparts Fishguy
Evolved/Devolved Form none
predator/prey unknown
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Slippery Body

Underwater Respiration

Enhanced Agility

possible powers none
Equipment none
Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthal
Series Appeared Ben 10: Omniverse
First Appearance Outbreak


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</noinclude> Walkatrout is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Walkatrout from an unknown planet.


Walkatrout is a blue fish-like alien with a pair of legs. He has a belt around him in which the Omnitrix is located on. He is about the same height as Upchuck. 


  • In Outbreak, he made his debut when Driba and Blukic tried to fix the Omnitrix. He escaped from Liam when he was a Vaxasaurian.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Walkatrout's abilities, aside from a slippery body and underwater breathing are currently unknown.


  • Walkatrout is the first alien to be named after its species
  • Walkatrout is a combonation of the words walkabout and trout
  • According to Derrick, Walkatrout has little to no powers while the Omnitrix is malfunctioning. However, he, Pesky Dust, Molestache, and The Worst do have powers when the Omnitrix is functioning properly.
  • He was unlocked by Driba and Blukic, along with Pesky Dust, Molestache, and The Worst.


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