General Information
Fusion nama
Species Gourmand
Race Murk


Home World Peptos XI
Body Humanoid Frog/Toad
Other Data
DNA Origin none
Alternate Counterparts Vomit Man
Evolved/Devolved Form none
predator/prey none
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Solid Matter Ingestion

Slime Spit

Enhanced Durability

Able to switch between his Perk and Murk Forms (16 year old Upchuck only)

Acid Spit

Enhanced Stretching

Enhanced Speed (enhanced further after consuming Sub-Energy)

Enhanced Strength (purely in tongue)

possible powers none
Equipment none
Voice Actor Dave Wittenberg (Original series)

Dee Bradley Baker (Alien Force and Ultimate Alien)

Ashley Johnson (As Gwen in Inspector 13)

Eric Bauza (Omniverse)

Series Appeared Ben 10
First Appearance The Visitor


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</noinclude>Upchuck is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of a Gourmand from the planet Peptos XI.


Upchuck has green skin, six sprout-like growths on the back of his head, a dark-green patch of skin on his head, light-green skin on his face, neck and belly and crooked teeth. He also has a green tail.

In the Original series, Upchuck wore a black open-front suit with white over-sleeves and white bands around his legs and white padding under his three-toed feet and wears the Omnitrix symbol on his left hand.

In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, Upchuck wears the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol on his tummy.


Upchuck has four very strong, adhesive tongue that can stretch to great lengths, allowing Upchuck to latch onto large objects and reel them in with relative ease. Upchuck's mouth and stomach can also stretch, allowing him to swallow and digest objects fairly larger than himself.

Upchuck possesses several acid-filled stomachs that dissolve almost all forms of matter. The items ingested are converted into explosive balls of liquids that can be expelled with great accuracy. He can also make them curve, like a boomerang, shuriken or frisbee.

Upchuck is able to take a surprising amount of punishment for a creature of its size, taking the force of a moving car impact as well as surviving after being thrown through a wall.


Upchuck has a limit to how many big objects he can swallow at once.

Upchuck is also slow when he eats a lot of things and becomes excessively fat. Otherwise, he is somewhat quick, considering his small size.

If Upchuck does not spit out something he eats, he will get very fat until he spits it out.


  • With the revelation of Eatle's powers, he's no longer the only alien that can eat objects and redirect them in the form energy.
  • Upchuck went through many design changes.
  • Upchuck is one of the five aliens to appear in all three series. The other four are Cannonbolt, Way Big, Ghostfreak and Diamondhead.
  • Some of Upchuck's prototypes were used to create Spitter, Articguana, Sploot and Mot Snikrep.


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