The Ultimatrix Security Key's

The Ultimatrix Security Keys are two special keys to lock the DNA of certain aliens Ben may not want to turn to, or accidently turn into, such as Alien X on the Ultimatrix.

Ben gave the keys to Gwen and Kevin, and possibly for some villain not pluck them to the one-time or any other security reasons.


The two keys look exactly alike, a medium gray key with a round toe with the symbol of the Ultimatrix/Omintrix in the face.


The keys need be placed in slots on the side of the Ultimatrix's dial, and then turned, thus overriding the Ultimatrix Security System and unlock the blocked alien DNA.


  • The only alien needed to be blocked so far is Alien X because he is too powerful and too risky. It was also To prevent Albedo from activating it and Ben from using Alien X by accident.
  • The Security System was built by Kevin.
  • Both keys are held by Gwen and Kevin at all times in case of emergency.


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