The Ultimate Omnimatrix (Or the Ultimatrix for short) is the succesor of the former Omnitrix ,which self destructed in the past battle with Vilgax. It was first seen in the episode The Final Battle: Part 1 where it was stolen by Albedo who was working together with Vilgax . It resembles a ganulet instead of the normal wrist watch look that the Omntrix looked like.

It's creator is Azmuth, a Galvan.


  • Green: Active or Self-Destruct Mode
  • Red: Recharge or Radition Mode
  • Yellow: Capture/Scan Mode
  • Grey/Black: Deactivated


  • According to Dwayne, the Ultimatrix does not possess the ability to revive species stored on Primus, due to it not being added by Azmuth at the stage of development it was in and Albedo didn't add it.
  • According to Eunice, the Ultimatrix does not possess the ability to restore DNA.
  • It seems that the Ultimatrix can't detect outer dimensional creatures.
  • According to Dwayne, the Ultimatrix is "not more powerful, less powerful" than the Omnitrix.
  • Ben often re-arranges the order of aliens in his playlist off-screen. This is to allow him quicker access to the aliens he believes he'll need to use in an expected fight.
  • Azmuth can keep an eye on Ben and his activities via the Ultimatrix.
  • There are two ways for going Ultimate, as seen in The Final Battle and Too Hot To Handle. One is by turning the metal part of the dial which makes the face pop out and then pressing on it; the other is by again turning the metal part of the dial, but this time the face turns also, and then tap on it. In recent episodes, Ben has adjusted the settings so he merely needs to press the Ultimatrix symbol much like how he uses it to switch between forms.
  • The Ultimatrix lacks many of the features to double as a Plumber's badge like the Omnitrix, so Ben instead now carries a regular Plumber's badge when needing to prove his authentication as a Plumber or use it.

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