Ultimate Swampfire is the evolved form of Swampfire.


After his evolution, Swampfire's Pyrokinetic and Chlorokinetic abilities are dramatically increased. His downside is that he cannot regenerate, but now he is made of tougher material similar to is petrified wood (wood turned into rock) that making him more resistant to damage.


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Ultimate Swampfire's more powerful fire

He shoots blue flames whereas ordinary Swampfire shoots regular colored fire. He also shoots huge blue Pyrokinetic fire blasts when he puts his hands together. He in addition possesses super strength. He has the same plant abilities as Swampfire, and is shown to be able to generate a vine from his body to change forms. Plus, he can swim in water as seen in The Final Battle: Part 2.

He is also shown to create Fire Tornadoes to suck the enemy into its vortex and knocking them out. He also appears to be a lot faster than he looks', in Ben 10,000 Returns he snuck up behind Eon so fast he hadn't noticed him.


Ultimate Swampfire is shown to be weak to electricity as seen in Ultimate Aggregor and The Forge of Creation when Aggregor used the same attack in both episodes. Also, due to his evolution he can not regenerate his body parts due to his evolution.


  • His first appearence in Alien Force was in The Final Battle: Part 2. Water then poured in and Vilgax reverted into his true form: a gigantic squid. He then tried to eat Ultimate Swampfire, but Ben escaped by transforming into Jetray.
  • He appears in Ultimate Aggregor where he and his team break in to take out Aggregor's minions, in which he easily defeats them. This is also the first time we see him using his bombs.
  • He appeared in The Forge of Creation to fight Ultimate Aggregor. 10 year old Ben stated that he is just a different Wildvine because of their similar look and powers. Ben responded by saying: "Remember the time Wildvine did this?", and threw bombs at Ultimate Aggregor, which sprouted powerful vines that were able to hold him off for a couple of seconds.
  • He makes an appearance in Eye of the Beholder to fight the Sentinels. In the episode, The Big Story he defeats the Plant Alien Jimmy was talking about.
  • In Ben 10,000 Returns, Ultimate Swampfire is struck by Eon's time ray, and aged to dust.


  • Every time Ben transforms into Ultimate Swampfire, he bends his arms at his elbows, and holds them upwards while shouting his name, the only exception to this was he didn't do this in Ben 10,000 Returns.


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