Ultimate Gravattack
Ultimate Gravattack
General Information
Fusion nama
Species Evolved Galilean
Home World Keplorr
Body Planetoid Sphere
Other Data
Evolved/Devolved Form Gravattack
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Gravikinesis
Series Appeared Ben 10: Omniverse
First Appearance For A Few Brains More


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Ultimate Gravattack is the evolved form of Gravattack.


  • Ben
  • Albedo
    • He now has big rock face and many big rock spikes on his back, shoulders and arms. He now has an orbit with small floating planet Gravattack heads. Inside his mouth are red and black and his eyes are red. His color scheme is now a redish-purple. His Ultimatrix symbol is located on his chin and has spikes just like Ultimate Spidermonkey.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit




  • Unlike his devolved form, Ultimate Gravvattack does not have legs.
  • He has a softer voice than his devolved form.


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