Ultimate Echo Echo is the evolved form of Echo Echo.


Ultimate AlienEdit

  • He has blue metallic skin. The skin includes 15  removable speaker like components, all at which are attached to his body. He has an overall rounded design, has long legs and arms. Echo Echo's  power control pack is removed and replced by a marking that resembles a cassette tape. He is about Ben's height and has stumped feet. His mouth does not move when he speaks but does move with emotion. His voice is more Robotic than Echo Echo's voice.


  • Albedo as Ultimate Echo Echo, in Omniverse, has a similar design to Utimate Alien with exceptions of him having cables that attach from his back to his hands and he also has a smaller mouth. His sonic disks are red look like his head, and no longer have a sunken in look to them.


  • Sound Manipulation: He can control and manipulate the power of sound. He does so by sending out sonic disks that can duplicate. He has a special called Sonic Doom. When Echo Echo goes ultimate and has duplicates while doing so, the duplicates turn into sound disks.
    • Space Survivability: He was shown to be able to survive in a vacume of space by surrounding himself in a sound barrier.
    • Force Field: He is able to create force fields from the sonic disks. The force fields are strong enough to hold a mini Nuclear Bomb blast.
    • Flight: He can fly via using sound waves.
  • Enchanced Strength, Speed, and Durability: He has enchanced strength, speed, and durability.
  • Duplication: Like his devolved form, Echo Echo, he has the ability to duplicate using his Sonic Disks but this ability has yet to be seen.


  • Like Echo Echo, Ultimate Echo Echo is made of living sound waves and wears a containment suit, as confirmed by Derrick J. Wyatt.
  • He is in three cartoon network games TKO, Project Exonaut, and Fusion Fall. In TKO, his special moves are sonic disc and sound barrier and his super move is echo chamber. In Fusion he makes a slight cameo as a helmet the can be bought inside of a ship based off of him.
  • When Ultimate Alien Aired, Ultimate Echo Echo was added as a new alien for Cartoon Network's Ben 10 Alien Force: Game Creator.
  • Just like how Echo Echo made up "Wall of Sound" and "Echo Chamber", Ultimate Echo Echo made up "Sonic Doom"
  • He does have the ability to duplicate like his devolved form but he uses his Sonic Disk to duplicate.


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