Sunder is a bounty hunter alien that first appeared in the episode Single-Handed in Ben 10: Alien Force.

Alien Force appearanceEdit

He was sent by Vilgax to pursue Ben and to try to remove the Omnitrix from Ben by using his energy axe to bring to his master. The result inadvertently sent Ben to the Null Void, but only left Ben's left hand on Earth.

Ultimate Alien AppearanceEdit

Sunder returned in the first episode of Season 2, The Transmogrification of Eunice, where he was on a mission to retrieve the Unitrix, which has taken the form of a girl named Eunice.


He has an axe which is able slice through objects. It can also send whatever it slices to a different dimension, as he was able to send Ben to the Null Void. He also uses a Hoverboard for transportation.

He has many gadgets inside his hover board, and possesses superhuman strength sufficient enough to hold his own against Ultimate Cannonbolt, Kevin, Gwen and Eunice all at once. He is also shown to be durable, able to withstand repeated injuries such as being able to withstand Diamondhead's shards at point blank to the face.


  • It is said by Dwayne McDuffie he was hired by Azmuth because he specializes in retrieving unique objects, and the Unitrix could have transformed into any sapient creature in the galaxy.
  • Sunder is another word for "steal by any means necessary" which is a reference to his bounty hunting job.

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