Stink Arms

Stink Arms was a fusion alien that premiered in the episode Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray. Stink Arms is Four Arms and Stinkfly]] fused together.


Stink Arms mostly resembled Four Arms with a few Stinkfly characteristics. Four Arm's eyes were replaced by Stinkfly's eye stalks. He also had Stinkfly's tail and wings.

Stink Arms wore a shirt based on Stinkfly's suit and Four Arms's pants. Stink Arms wore the Omnitrix symbol on his face.


Stink Arms' powers caused a few issues. Four Arms' super strength was weakened by Stinkfly's lesser strength. Stink Arms' huge mass made it hard to fly. Stink Arms had Stinkfly's sharp tail.


  • It is unknown if Stink Arms could shoot Stinkfly goo.