slamworm is the nemetrix's DNA sample of an slamworm from the planet terraexcave.

slamworm is the predatory of talpaedans.


Slamworm is a giant worm-ike alien with sharp teeth, a wide beak-like mouth, and a tail ending in a pincer like set of spikes. slamworm possesses a lavender and orange hide, a white underbelly, grey spikes running down her back, and four red insectoid legs on each side near the front'

as with all of zed's transformations, slamworm wears ared spiked collar with the nemetrix on it


Like the talpaedans it feeds on, slamworm is a skilled burrower' able to tunnel through almost any surface at remarkable speed.

slamworm can can spit balls of acid from her mouth at a rapid pace


The inside of slamworm's mouth is sensitive to damage, as shown when diamondhead and armodrillo attacked the inside of her mouth to escape his attack.

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