Potis Altiare
The Potis Altiare is a device that greatly strengthens and enhanced powers and abilities to enormous power levels, created by the ancient Galvan's of long ago.

According to Azmuth, his work actually began in the interest of the sciences that eventually created the Omnitrix and Ultimatrix long ago by Azmuth's ancestors, the ancient Galvan. Realizing that the Potis Altiare was too dangerous, they decided to hide it on Earth since even if the primative humans found it, they wouldn't have found out what it was or how to use it.

Unfortunately, upon entering Earth's atmosphere, the ship carrying the device was destroyed and the device itself was torn to pieces. The pieces were found by villains and greatly enhanced their powers and turned Enoch to stone when it was removed. It can only be used once if a piece is missing.


In Cosmic Destruction, six pieces of it are scattered all over the world. At the end, Ben uses it to power Way Big to defeat Evil Way Big (Albedo).

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