General Information
Fusion nama
Species portaler
Race None
Home World portola
Body Turtle/Beetle Hybrid
Other Data
DNA Origin Space Captain
Alternate Counterparts None
Evolved/Devolved Form None
predator/prey seer digger
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Ball Transformation
possible powers none
Equipment none
Voice Actor None
Series Appeared None
First Appearance None


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Portaler is an alien that Ben can turn into after he scanned a Space Captain in the Web game Fuel Run.

He is also the winner of Draw your Own Alien.


Portaler resembles a cross between a turtle and a beetle. He has segmented yellow arms and legs that end in stumps, with blue sleeve-like plating on his shoulders. He has a turtle-like face with sunken green eyes and visiblle nostrils, and has two beetle-like antennae ending in yellow bulbs. His skin is green, and has a blue, yellow and red circular pattern on his stomach. On his back is a blue, turtle-like shell with a red rim and red rock-like spikes on it.

Portaler wears the Omnitrix on the red armor plate on top of his head.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Ball Transformation: He can roll into a ball with red and green spikes showing, similar to what Ultimate Cannonbolt can do.
  • Teleportation: He can teleport, as his description implies  "Its name is Portaler and it uses portals to go anywhere. It can teleport anyone."


  • Portaler is the first alien to debut in an online game.
  • Portaler's Spin Dash is similar to the Spin Dash of Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Portaler's abdomen color scheme is similar to Bloxx.

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