Lord Transyl is a villain in Ben 10: Omniverse. He will make his first appearance in The Vampire Strikes Back. He is of a Vladat from Anur Transyl, formally Anur Vladias, in the Anur System.


On The Vampire Strikes Back Zs'Skayr want back to life his.But Dr.Viktor is not happy becasue Vladats were predators of Transylians.Lord Transyl united with Zs'Skayr.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lord Transyl can create a creature known as Corruptura which he can use to control subjects and he can control other Vladats with his mind slave.


He is vulnerable to light as it burns him and it break his corruptura.


Ben 10: OmniverseEdit


  • He was believed and confirmed to be Whampires' DNA Sample source and a so called extinct Vladat.

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