Heatblast omniverse official
General Information
Fusion nama
Species Pyronite
Race none
Home World Pyros
Body Fiery Humanoid
Other Data
DNA Origin none
Alternate Counterparts Charcoal Man
Evolved/Devolved Form ultimate heatblast
predator/prey crabdozer
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Pyrokinesis

Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Durability

Enhanced Agility

Pyro Immunity

Cryo Immunity

Pyro Absorption

Lava Projection

Cryokinesis (only with a cold)

Fire Breath


Limited terrakinesis

possible powers none
Equipment none
Voice Actor Steven Jay Blum (Ben in Ben 10)

Charlie Schlatter (Kevin)

Grey DeLisle (Gwen)

David Franklin (Race Against Time)

Dee Bradley Baker (Ultimate Alien)

David Kaye (Omniverse)

Series Appeared Ben 10
First Appearance And Then There Were 10


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</noinclude> Heatblast is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of a Pyronite from the planet/star Pyros.


Heatblast head is completely fiery, with his eyes being connected to that flame which can be put out by a sufficient amount of water. His feet have only two toes and one back toe.

In Omniverse, for both Bens, he looks the same as in Ultimate Alien, only his eyes are once again connected to the fire on his head just like it was in the Original series, his shoulder plates slightly tilt up and the 16-year-old Heatblast is taller and much more muscular.


Heatblast has the ability to generate, manipulate and project intense heat and fire from his body. He can shape that fire into fireballs, fire breath, flaming discs and fire tornadoes. He can also use fire in defensive maneuvers such as making a wall out of fire.

By propelling himself like a rocket, enabling Heatblast to fly long distances for limited periods of time.


His weakness is water or snow. If the touch any part of is body is touched by this subtance, then the flames will go out.


  • Heatblast is the first alien Ben ever turned into.
  • According to Dwayne, Heatblast is capable of moderate terrakinesis (control over earth/rock)
  • According to Dwayne, Heatblast is capable of making his flames explosive, something Swampfire is not capable of doing unless his flame hits something flammable.
  • Not counting the different versions of Secret of The Omnitrix, Heatblast has been in every original series movie.
  • Whenever Ben turns into Heatblast, he seems to become more arrogant and cocky.
  • Heatblast, along with Wildmutt, is the only alien that does not have green eyes.
  • Although Heatblast made his first re-appearance in Ultimate Alien, he was actually unlocked during Alien Force by scanning Alan Albright as his hologram was shown in 'Busy Box'.


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