Gutrot is the Omnitrix DNA sample of a gassor-sapian from gassoria


  • He wears the Omnitrix symbol on his mask.
  • He has the appearance of a robot. Most of his body is covered by a green containment suit, with the exception of his head and shoulder arms being the color blue/purple. Like Water Hazard, he has holes where he can use his powers. They are located on his head, legs, arms, back, and the center of his butt.


  • Gas Manipulation: His innards consist of chemicals and compounds allowing him to create certain chemicals and compunds to create a various amount of effects, such as making people laugh or knocking them out, and can release these chemicals or compounds in a gas like form. The strength of the gases are unknown but did drive away Animo's mutated beasts.
  • Enchanced Intelligence: His intelligence seems to be enchanced as he seems to know what the scienctific name of the gases he releases and what they do.


  • Whenever he releases a gas the gas makes a large cloud, so he could affect people who he did not intentionally want to affect.
  • Some of his gases are flamable which means when Ben becomes this alien he must be careful when releasing gases.


  • At first thought he was believed to be one of the Ormerowons, but Derrick confirmed he wasn't.
  • Along with NRG, Echo Echo, and Toepick(to an extent). He is one of many other transformation that wears a containment suit.
  • He has a resemblence to the pokemon Koffing and coincidentally Koffing is Derrick J Wyyatt's favorite Pokemon.
  • An Ironic fact is that Ben didn't name him until Animo from the future told him what the name of the alien was.
  • Another Ironic fact is that Ben's worst subject is chemistry but Gutrot seems to be a chemistry master.


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