Gravattack is is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Galilean from the planet Keplorr.


Gravattack is a rock armored alien with a wide mouth. His foot is gray with 3 toes and has a red thing on his chest. He also wears black pants with green stripes and a green belt with white stripes.

He wears the Omnitrix symbol on his forehead.


His powers are to command gravity itself. He can control gravity to make objects lighter than air, or incredibly heavy, allowing him to move objects around the air, or slam them down too the ground with ease.

He can also make objects orbit around him, then he can roll himself up into a planetoid sphere for special orbit attacks.

Like all Galileans, he is wise and patient, thus making him perfect for negotiating anything.


Gravattack's large body makes it hard to move in small spaces, as seen in While You Were Away.

Like all Galileans, if he takes large amounts of damage to his core, he could meltdown and explode, much like an actual planet.


Ben 10: OmniverseEdit

  • A Jolt from the Past: Accidental-selected alien: Four Arms. Used to defeat Fistrick and save the Megawhatts with Rook's help.
  • Hot Stretch: Attempted to battle the Kraaho, but couldn't when the Omnitrix timed out.
  • Vilgax Must Croak: Accidental-selected alien: Rath. Gravattack defeated Attea, Sixsix, Sevenseven, and Eighteight.
  • While You Were Away: Used to trap Sheriff Wat-Senn and Rook Shar.
  • Food Around the Corner: Used to negotiate a peace treaty.


  • Gravattack's working name used to be Graviton.
  • On the subtitles in A Jolt from the Past, Gravattack's name appears as Gravitonn.
  • Gravattack's gravity aura was white in both A Jolt from the Past and Hot Stretch, but then in Vilgax Must Croak, the aura's color later changed to green.


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