Echo Echo
Echo Echo in Omniverse
General Information
Fusion nama
Species Sonorosian
Race none
Home World Sonorosia
Body Humanoid
Other Data
DNA Origin none
Alternate Counterparts Copy Copy


Evolved/Devolved Form Ultimate Echo Echo
predator/prey none
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Sonokinesis/Sonic Screams
Wall Of Sound
Echo Chamber
Enhanced Jumping
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Strength
possible powers none
Equipment Containment Suit
Voice Actor Dee Bradly Baker
Series Appeared Ben 10: Alien Force
First Appearance Ben 10 Returns: Part 2


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</noinclude>Echo Echo is a DNA sample of a Sonorosian alien from the planet Sonorosia.


Echo Echo is a small white alien whose body is a living amplifier. One of the most noticeable features is a square appendage behind his back with a port on. Echo Echo is made out of silicon.

In Omniverse, Echo Echo eyes are now line-like and now has two black stripes on both of his ear plugs. His legs are also a little bit more stubby and the green circle on his hand is now bigger, covering most part of his hand. The Omnitrix symbol is now on his forehead. He is also shorter and has a hexagonal shape on his stomach. The tapes on his legs are now gone.


Echo Echo, has the ability to manipulate sound like Benwolf and create clones like Ditto, however unlike Ditto all the Echo Echo clones have the same mind and objective when fighting. He also wears headphones so he is not effected by his own echo's, or other loud noises.


  • According to Dwayne, Echo Echo has headphones so he isn't hurt by his own sonic screams.
  • In Absolute Power: Part 2, Ben reveals that he keeps a spare Echo Echo in his car in case all the Echo Echos are killed.
  • After the episode Kevin's Big Score, Echo Echo's voice was changed to sound a bit higher pitched.

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