Eatle omniverse official
General Information
Species Oyrctini
Race none
Home World Coleop Terra
Body Humanoid Shark (Ultimate Alien)
Humanoid Beetle (Omniverse)
Other Data
DNA Origin none
Alternate Counterparts [[Eatup
Evolved/Devolved Form none
predator/prey anubi serket
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Solid Matter Ingestion
Lasers (after eating something)
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Sharp Fingers
Sharp Teeth
possible powers none
Equipment none
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker (Ultimate Alien)
Eric Bauza (Omniverse)
Series Appeared Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
First Appearance A Knight to Remember
Eatle is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of a Oyrctini from the planet Coleop Terra.]]

Appearence Edit

Ultimate AlienEdit

In Ultimate Alien, he is seen as a dark blue, robotic, shark-like alien with a big fin on his head.

Ben 10: OmiverseEdit

In Ben 10: Omiverse, Eatle has changed into more of a beetle looking alien.

Powers Edit

Similar to Upchuck's eating of materials and spitting them out as energy disks/balls, Eatle has the ability to eat materials and then shoot a green lasers out of the slot on his fin that are powerful enough to cut a floating maintain. He also has super strength, and his fingers are sharp enough to rip through metal. He is also durable enough to survive unscathed while he was blasted by Captain Nemesis's energy gloves, which could kill human's in one shot, as well as being beaten by Jennifer Nocturne in a giant mech suit, which was enough to turn him back to Ben and crashing several stories.


  • Eatle's name is pronounced "Eat-eel" but since Ben shouts all of his alien's name out slow, he says "Eat-all".
  • Before debuting in A Knight to Remember, Eatle's existence was first seen in a listing for the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien four inch action figure toy line by Bandai.


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