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The DX Mark 10 is Ben's car in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. It made its first appearance in the live-action movie Ben 10: Alien Swarm as a gift from Kevin. It also may be armed with missiles and boosters, although these features might be only exclusive to toy version just like Kevin's car toy has unseen features in the show.


  • The hub caps on the car resemble an Ultimate form's Ultimatrix symbol.
  • In the episode Hero Time, it is shown that the DX can call people on their phone through a hands free device. It takes voice commands too.
  • In Absolute Power Part 2, Ben reveals he hides an Echo Echo clone in his trunk, in case the rest of the clones were destroyed.
  • Ben's car is faster than any normal car on Earth except Kevin's according to Dwayne McDuffie.

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