buglizard is the nemetrix's DNA sample of a buglizard from the planet lepidopterra.

buglizard is the predatory species of lepidopterrans.

APPEARANCE buglizard has a white,black and red color scheme. buglizard has a black head which dons a white patch on each side of her head.located on these, she has four red eyes, two on one side and two on the other. buglizard has sharp teeth and the gums protrude in lower jaw. she has a row of red spikes running down her back, which also has a black stripe. buglizard has four legs and black feet, each ending in three red claws,and a tail with a red-marked tip.

buglizard wears a red spiked collar with the nemetrix on it.

POWER AND ABILITIESBuglizard has enhanced reflexes and agility suited to keep up with the lepidopterran.

bugizard is capable of spraying a yellow fog, simultaneously eliminating a lepidopterran's enhanced vision and mucus traps

bugizard has enhanced strength that is sufficient to throw water hazard with ease

buglizard's sense of smell is powerful enough to track ben throughout undertown

buglizard has a prehensile tail

buglizard's claws are strong enough to cling to the bottom of a space ship


buglizard can be harmed by electricity

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