Bloxx is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of an Segmentasapien.


Bloxx's appearance seems much alike to a gorilla made of legos.

He has 3 colors on his body: red, blue and yellow, with black lines all over his body as well.

He wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and AbiltiesEdit

Bloxx can shapeshift, as seen when he changed his hands into a net, and when he changed his entire body into a cage.

Bloxx can stretch and build himself around things.

If his body is broken, he can reform the destoryed pieces immediately.


He can break when hit with enough force and acid is a problem.


  • The More Things Change: Part 1: Used to stop a bomb from destroying Mr. Bauman's shop.
  • A Jolt from the Past: Use to capture and defeat Fistrick's henchmen.
  • Have I Got a Deal for You: Used to save a train full of civillians
  • Many Happy Returns: Used to fight a ship
  • Arrested Development: Accidental, used to fight the Robots of Demension 12
  • Bros In Space: Used to pick berries
  • The Frogs Of War: Part 1: Used to save Rook when Prototruck crashed
  • Rules Of Engagement: Used to stop Julia and her new boyfriend
  • Rad: Used to capture the Grackleflint


  • The close captions have one "x" instead of two.


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