Bellwood retreat

Bellwood as seen in the Ultimate Alien episode, Couple Retreat

Bellwood is the hometown of the Tennyson family, where Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max live. The Plumber base that stores the Hands of Armageddon is also below this town. The main elementary school of the town is Madison Elementary School.


Not much is seen about it, however it is always warm enough outside for characters to wear their current clothing. Evidence that their winters lack snow is seen/heard in Alien Swarm and the Ultimate Alien episode, The Final Battle: Part 2.


  • Dwayne Mcduffie revealed that Bellwood's population is approximately 20,000 which explains why there are few high schools (only two is said by Gwen).
  • There is a newspaper for Bellwood called the "The Bellwood Bugle."

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