Ball Weevil is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of an Offerrebruchus from an unknown planet.


Ball Weevil is yellow in color with black eyes and green pupils. He has four legs along with an antenna.

He wears the Omnitrix symbol around his neck.


  • Plasma Balls: He can spit a plasma like goop out of his mouth that when rolled up can collect all sorts of material and grows. Once it is shot off it can explode. He can also use this as a rope or other shapes.
  • Enchance Agility: He has enchanced agility as he is able to balance on his balls with little to no difficulties.
  • Enchance Strength: He has enchanced strength as he was able to stopp his giant plasma ball from rolling and kicking it off in the other direction
  • Wall Climbing: He can climb up walls.


Ben 10: OmniverseEdit

  • Of Predators and Prey: Part 1: Used to try and defeat Khyber's pet but failed.
  • Arrested Development: Used to defeat Computron's minions.
  • Showdown: Part 1: Used to defeat Khyber's pet yet again but failed
  • While You Were Away: Used to distract, escape, and defeat the brainwashed Revonnahganders.
  • Rules of Engagement: Used to fight Looma


  • Ball Weevil's design was inspired by Pokémon
  • His powers bear a resemblance to the Katamaris from Katamari Damacy.
  • Derrick Wyatt designed Ball Weevil and came up with his powers before he worked on Omniverse, but he was named later by Matt Wayne.
  • Ball Weevil's name bears a resemblance to the real life insect, the boll weevil.
  • In Of Predators and Prey: Part 1, Ben thinks that Ball Weevil is cute.


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