Astrodactyl is the Omnitrix 's DNA sample of Dactrologer from Terradino.


Astrodactyl resembles a cross between a red pterodactyl and a glider. He has a beak like mouth. His wings are rather small and resemble a glider and are connected to a 'jet pack' like structure on his back. He has large yellow beak, green eyes, black and green clothing on shoulders and waist, green braces around wrists and ankles, and yellow wings. 

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his left shoulder.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Flight: He has the ability to fly via a jetpack with retractable wings.
  • Energy Weapons: He can create energy weapons like whips.
  • Energy Blasts: He can create energy blasts from his mouth similar to a dragon.
  • Internalized Star Power: He can use this to build the weapons and for propulsion flight.




Ben 10: OmniverseEdit

  • While You Were Away: Used to fight Dr. Psychobos in the air.
  • The Frogs of War: Part 1: Used to fight the Incursions
  • A Fistful of Brains: Used to escape from Khyber's Hidden Personel Hunting Preserve and later used to fight Ultimate Albedo(Ultimate Grey Matter).


  • 4" Astrodactyl


  • Astrodactyl is based on the first identified pterosaur, a flying reptile name pterodactylus(pterodactyl for short)
  • Astrodactyl is a portmanteau of Astro(space) and Pterodactyl(flying lizard).


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