Anodyne is the homeplanet of the Anodites. It is entirely made out of pure energy,the surface is made out of magic while the air and water are made out of mana. The planet has infinite life in it and all who enter feel powerful,but not as powerful as when you enter in Legerdomain. The planet also has mana powered technology. Which is very powerful. The rings of the planet act as a magic barrier againts trespassers. The planet is currently ruled by Queen Anodyes and King Anodyne. There castle is located somewhere in the centre of the planet.The planet has a moon that is made out of energy as well. The andoites are very peacefull. Infact there is no war,no suffering,disease,nothing. There is a peaceful golden-age on Anodyne. If anyone breaks the rules there,there punishment will be very dangerous, perhaps banishment of the planet it self.

Known locations of Anodyne:

Manna (main city of the entire planet and current palace of the anodite kingdom.

Verrona (a big and peaceful metropolis on Anodyne. The place has a lot of towers,buildings and tall skyscrapers.

Bad'inski (a small town. Bad'inski has a lot of nature forests and parks.

Limphea (the most beatiful and peaceful nature place on anodyne. A small and quiet nature village.

Domino (the town of love and respect, a plays that has one of the biggest parties

Sparks (the city of luxury and parties a place full of fun)


-Anodites love to party around on there home planet

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