AmpFibian is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Amperi from Teslos in the Andromeda Galaxy.


Ultimate AlienEdit

  • He is a blue jellyfish-like alien with six tentacles that function as two pairs of arms and a pair of legs. He has green eyes with no pupils and white swipes on his body, resembling lightning streaks. AmpFibian wears the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.


  • He looks almost the same except that the Omnitrix symbol is now on his face and his eyes are larger with the black outlining in them becoming much more prominent. His fins are pointed instead of curved.  His lightning streak swipes on his body have been altered.


  • Electrokinesis: He can control lightning and all forms of electricity and produce it at will in electrical blasts. He can also absorb electricity and send it back at his opponents. He can manipulate the electricy to do what he wantts it to do like telepathy to mind reading.
  • Flight: He can fly
  • Teleportation: He can teleport via through electrical sources
  • Intangability: He can turn intangible and use his electrical powers to do more damage
  • Underwater Survivability: He can breathe underwater and swim at fast speeds in water.
  • Flexaility: He is very flexible because there are no bones restricting his movements and stretch his arms a gret length.


If AmpFibian has any electricity in his body and he is touching water, he will electrocute himself.


Ben 10: Ultimate AlienEdit

  • Fused: Only transformation accessed at the time.
  • Deep: He was used to swim to the Pisciss core.
  • Victor: The Spoils: Used to put King Xarion's mind into Vicktor's body.
  • Inspector Number 13: Used by Kevin to destroy the techadon robots.
  • Night of the Living Nightmare: Used to defeat Ultimate Kevin

Ben 10: OmniverseEdit

  • Have I Got A Deal For You: Used to save the Screegit.
  • Special Delivery: Used to stop the Kraaho and Seebik.
  • Rad: Used to catch Pax.


  • As confirmed by Dwayne, Ben as AmpFibian can read minds, but he doesn't know how to do it.


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